Eastern Christianity

Eastern Christianity

The japanese Orthodox Church, the Assyrian Church, the Oriental Orthodox churches and the jap Catholic churches are the four predominant parts of the household of churches that make up japanese Christianity.Eastern Christianity

Churches and Christian traditions which developed in japanese Europe, the Balkans, Asia Minor, Africa, India, the center East and parts of the a long way East over the course of centuries are all part of eastern Christianity

despite the fact that the time period is used in contrast with Western Christianity, some jap churches clearly share more similarities in terms of historical past and theology with Western Christianity than amongst themselves

Eastern Christianity

Eastern Christianity

Understanding Eastern Christianity

*japanese Christianity does not consult with a blanket religious lifestyle or one single communion.
*The phrases western and eastern had been at the beginning used to consult the geographical divisions inside the Church which mirrored b two foremost stipulations of that point- the cultural separation between the Latinate West and the Hellenistic East and the political divide that kept growing between the powerful jap Roman empire and the vulnerable western empire.
‘*Orthodox’ and ‘eastern’ are mainly used interchangeably to consult the church households constituting jap Christianity given that the japanese Orthodox Church is the most important church in the East.

Nonetheless, there are many churches from the west which also recall themselves ‘orthodox’ this means that ‘following correct beliefs’ and/or ‘catholic’, which means that ‘common’, despite the fact that they don’t have these phrases included of their official names.

There are various theological, political, lingual and cultural, liturgical differences which separate the Roman Catholic Church from the jap Orthodox church buildings.

Just a few elements of big difference which separated eastern Christianity from Western Christianity are as follows:

*In most jap churches, priest can give the sacrament of chrismation to new born toddlers after baptism.
*clergymen can get married earlier than ordination.
*jap Christianity follows the Julian calendar for surroundings the liturgical calendar.
*The important language used was Greek, unlike the Latin utilized in Western Christianity.

Four Main Branches of Eastern Christianity

The Eastern Orthodox Church

The Eastern Orthodox Church looks at itself as the original Christian church. Most adherents of this church are based in Russia, Greece, Caucasus, Eastern Europe and the Middle East and Anatolia. The characters which distinguish this church include- Divine Liturgy, Byzantine Rite, the emphasis on continuing to follow the Holy Tradition and the sacraments.

The Oriental Orthodox Churches

Oriental Orthodox Churches are also known as Old Oriental Churches as they are traditional in their faith and follow the first three Ecumenical Councils that were held within the undivided church- the First Council of Nicaea (AD 325), the First Council of Constantinople (AD 381) and the Council of Ephesus (AD 431). Oriental Orthodoxy developed in Syria, Mesopotamia, Egypt and at the edge of the Byzantine Empire in reaction to the Chalcedon Council which they rejected.

The Assyrian Church of the East

The Church of the East was initially the widest stream of Eastern Christianity and flourished in Assyria under Persian Rule and extended its reach to China, India and the Mediterranean. The Assyrian Church of the East arose from the historic Church of the East grew and spread within the Persian Empire and reached Asia where it expanded and grew largely. The modern Assyrian Church emerged as late as the 16th century.

The Eastern Catholic Churches

There are twenty three eastern catholic churches, which despite being in communion with the Holy See, are rooted deeply in the theological and liturgical practices and beliefs of Eastern Christianity. Initially these churches were part of the Orthodox Eastern Church but have since then Reconciled with the Roman Catholic churches.

Eastern Christianity

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Eastern Christianity


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