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Good Friday Prayer

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Good Friday Prayer

Day-to-day Prayer
“Lord, open my lips,and my mouth shall declare your reward.”

do not forget your mercies, O Lord,
and with your everlasting protection sanctify your servants,
for whom Christ your Son,
by using the shedding of his Blood,
headquartered the Paschal mystery.
Who lives and reigns with no end in sight. Or,
O God, who by way of the ardour of Christ your Son, our Lord,
abolished the loss of life inherited from ancient sin
by every succeeding generation,
furnish that just as, being conformed to him,
we now have borne by the legislation of nature
the image of the person on this planet,
so by using the sanctification of grace
we may just undergo the photograph of the person of heaven.
Through Christ our Lord.
The Readings Isaiah 52:13-fifty three:12; Psalm 31:2, 6, 12-13, 15-17, 25; Hebrews 4:14-sixteen; 5:7-9; John 18:1-19:42

Good Friday Prayer

Good Friday Prayer

everyday Meditation:
that is the wood of the move,
on which hung the Savior of the world.
Come, let us worship.
This can be a very precise day of intimacy with our Lord.
It’s a day to hope the Stations of the move.
A day of fasting and abstinence, with the intention to sharpen our awareness and openness.
A day to face on the foot of the move as a forgiven sinner –
to face there facet-by way of-side with each person else who is forgiven.
It’s a day of profound gratitude.

My humans, what have I executed to you?
How have I offended you? Reply me.
Excellent Friday Reproaches

modern everyday Reflection

For our sake our Redeemer suffered dying and was buried, and rose again. With heartfelt love let us adore him, and pray:
Lord, have mercy on us.

Christ our trainer, for our sake you had been obedient even to accepting death,
– coach us to obey the father’s will in all things.

Christ our lifestyles, via your dying on the pass you destroyed the power of evil and dying,
– could we die with you, to upward thrust with you in glory.

Christ our King, you grew to become an outcast among us, a worm and no man,
– teach us the humility during which you saved the arena.

Christ our salvation, you gave yourself up to death out of affection for us,
– support us to exhibit your love to 1 yet another.

Christ our Savior, on the move you embraced all time with your outstretched arms,
– unite God’s scattered kids for your kingdom of salvation.

Closing Prayer:
My Lord,
your son has suffered so much, shed a lot blood.
I was born with so many faults
and my nature is so filled with weakness,
and but your son Jesus has died on the pass.
For me.
I do know your grace has the vigor
to cleanse me of my many sins
and to make me more like your Son.
Thanks on your goodness and love for me.
I ask you, Father, to watch over me – perpetually.

A Good Friday Prayer

Dear God,

How can there be anything good about Good Friday?

It’s easy for me to celebrate Easter. I love reliving the story’s happy ending, seeing the empty tomb in my mind’s eye, hearing the shouts of “He is risen!” I love the festive egg hunts and family dinners and exuberant songs as we party in honor of the Resurrection. I know how to call Sunday “good.”

But how can I possibly celebrate today?

Today is the day we betrayed You. It’s the day an innocent victim was executed on false charges by a corrupt justice system. Five days earlier, crowds had welcomed their Messiah with palm branches and praises—today, crowds turned on Him and called for His crucifixion. Today is the day Jesus drank from the cup He had begged might be taken from Him, the day the sun’s light failed and the temple curtain was torn and God Himself looked away. Today is a funeral in memory of a promising young man’s tragic death.

The soundtrack of Good Friday isn’t an anthem or a victory cry. It’s the chanting of a bloodthirsty mob, the words “Crucify him!” over and over again, biting like a whip. It’s the terrified, heartbroken sobs of Jesus’ few remaining followers, clutching one another as they stood at the foot of His cross and watched Him die.

Good Friday is a day for mourning. And I’m not much good at mourning.

Good Friday Prayer

Good Friday Prayer

I always want to skip ahead to the happy ending. I want to put a 5-minute time limit on tears and then race back to laughter, pretend that the pain ever happened. Too often, I’m guilty of believing that the Resurrection means Jesus’ death no longer matters. I forget all about sin and redemption because I’m too busy planning the resurrection party.

Too often, I’m guilty of living as if I can scrub Good Friday out of the history books altogether.

But You, God, have called me to a faith that includes both Good Friday and Easter Sunday. You call me to remember both death and resurrection. Because either one, without the other, would be meaningless.

Today is part of the gospel. Today is good news. Jesus didn’t wait until Easter morning to conquer sin and death. He was already crushing them as He hung on the cross. His dying words weren’t an admission of defeat but a declaration of victory, like an artist stepping back to behold a masterpiece with His final breath: “It is finished.”

On Good Friday, Jesus turned the world’s system upside down, losing everything in order to win everything. Death greedily swallowed up a perfect victim, destroying itself in the process. Heaven’s heartbreak bought earth’s redemption. It was the perfect storm: an unspeakable loss, an incomparable victory.

How can I do anything but rejoice?

How can I do anything but weep?

Today, God, I ask that You would teach me to mourn. Don’t let me rush to Easter Sunday too quickly. Give me grace to linger here, in the place where sorrow meets redemption. Make Your death as real to me as Your resurrection. Keep me always near the cross.

As I wait at the foot of the cross, God, reveal to me again the costliness of my sin. Don’t let me live in an imaginary world where Easter’s happy ending makes my selfishness irrelevant. Remind me that Your all-consuming grace came at a highest price. Forgive me for the times I’ve lived as if sin is no big deal, as if Good Friday never really happened.

Fill me with the joy and sorrow and reverence and gratitude that befit a Good Friday funeral: joy for Your victory, sorrow for Your death, reverence for Your holiness, gratitude for Your grace. Don’t let me settle for just one of those emotions at the expense of the others. Give me a heart big enough to hold them all in tension. Make me bold enough to search after a truth that’s really true, not just a truth that fits easily in the palm of my hand.

Give me eyes, God, to see the triumph of the cross. Even when all seems lost, even as I mourn Your death, remind me that You conquered the grave by sneaking inside of it and unraveling it from the inside out. In the midst of defeat and disappointment, sing songs of victory over me. Turn my world on its head so I can recognize the upside-down Kingdom of God at work.

Jesus, You tell me to take up my cross and follow You. Today more than ever, I remember what a weighty invitation that is. You won by dying—and it’s only by dying that I can follow in Your footsteps. It’s only by dying that I’ll ever truly come alive.

Teach me, God, to mourn and celebrate Your death. Then take me by the hand, lead me into my own death, and teach me to mourn and celebrate that death too. Amen

Good Friday Prayer

Good Friday Prayer

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